Rabbit Services

Ensure your rabbit's health with vital vet check-ups and protection against pests.

At Dundas Veterinary Services, we offer specialized medical services for bunnies and rabbits. It’s really no surprise that these cuddly creatures have grown so popular with animal lovers over the years. Rabbits are intelligent creatures and when properly socialized, they are some of the most affectionate pets that a person can care for. Be that as it may, rabbits require more attention than people realize, which is why it’s important that owners consult with their veterinarian in a regular manner. Please feel free to call our team to schedule your next appointment and learn more about how you can take care of your rabbit.

How is a rabbit different from a cat or dog?

The main difference is that rabbits are prey animals while dogs and cats both operate as predators. Rabbits tend to hide pain or any kind of illness as this can be a sign of weakness in the wild. As an owner, this makes it very important for you to pay close attention to your rabbit’s health. Dull or shedding fur, facial swelling, changes in their gait, and decreased activity levels are just some of the warning signs that you can watch for.

What should I feed my rabbit?

We recommend grass hay as the main component of your rabbit’s diet as it can prevent hair balls and other digestive problems. Most green vegetables are also safe for your rabbit to consume (e.g. spinach, kale, lettuce). Pellets are also a great option for these pets and as always, please ensure that they get plenty of water.

Do rabbits need to be spayed or neutered?

Absolutely! To prevent overpopulation, unwanted breeding, and certain diseases it is important that your rabbit is spayed or neutered. Like their feline and canine friends, rabbits who are “altered” will be able to enjoy several health benefits as a result of their procedure. Some of these benefits include a longer and healthier life span, as well as reduced mood issues and other problematic behaviours. Our team has done numerous rabbit spays and neuters over the years and you can rest assured that our team will keep your rabbit comfortable and supported throughout the surgery and recovery.

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