Exotic Pet Services

Specialized services for exotic pets, ensuring their well-being and happiness.

In recent years, exotic creatures like spiders, ferrets, frogs, snakes and many more have become significantly popular among pet owners. They certainly come with a different charm and experience, and are welcomed into all types of homes and families. At Dundas Veterinary Services, we provide all kinds of services for our exotic patients. Like all pets and animals, they require medical care in order to remain healthy and in good shape. Please contact our team so that you can get your exotic pet on the path to well-being.

To learn more about the services we offer, please call 613-774-2159.

Do exotic animals need vaccines?

In short, yes they do. When in captivity, exotic animals may be exposed to risk factors that they will not see if in the wild. For example, exotic animals who have become domesticated are more likely to live in close proximity with other animals, making them vulnerable to more types of transmittable diseases. Food that they may not consume in nature can also increase their chances of catching certain diseases. Exotic animals are usually treated with inactivated or different forms of vaccines as compared with other companion animals. During a consultation at the hospital, we will discuss with you which options will work best for your pet.

How do you care for exotic animals?

The first step is to take your exotic animal to our hospital for a comprehensive exam and consultation. At this point, we can check your pet’s health, determine any underlying health conditions and provide you with caregiving recommendations specifically for your pet. In general, however, some key things to keep in mind as an exotic pet parent are:

  • Provide a safe and comfortable environment (e.g. humidity and temperature specific)
  • Know which health issues your pet is vulnerable to
  • Give your pet proper diet and nutrition
  • Ensure they are regularly seen by their veterinarian
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