Bloodwork Services

An important diagnostic tool that provides significant information about your pet’s health.

Blood tests or lab tests (as you may hear around the hospital) are a routine part of veterinary care. They provide our team with vital data about your pet’s health. Through screening bloodwork, for example, we are able to identify health problems earlier which allow us to provide the best treatment plan for your loyal companion. These analyses also give us baseline points for comparison, if ever your pet does develop a condition. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your furry family member’s lab tests.

How do I interpret my dog’s/cat’s blood test results?

Your pet’s veterinarian will discuss in detail the analysis of any bloodwork performed and make recommendations for the next steps. If you like, we can also provide you with your own copies of your pet’s lab test results.

How often should dogs/cats/pets get blood tests?

We highly recommend that your pet goes through a routine bloodwork exam at least once per year. All pets, no matter their breed or size need this work done. Bloodwork is even more important for pets who are in their senior years.

How much does a pet blood test cost?

Prices vary and depend on your pet’s specific needs. By calling our team, you will be able to get an accurate statement of our service rates.

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